Mirka WPF Sandpaper

Mirka - WPF Sandpaper

WPF Sandpaper

Key product features

• The recommended product for the manual wet sanding of plastics, lacquers and composite materials, Mirka WPF features a latex impregnated paper backing material and extra durable coating which helps produce a high quality finish, even on coarser surfaces.

Technical Data
Bonding Resin over resin
Grain Aluminium oxide/Silicon carbide
Coating Closed
Colour Black
Grit range P80-P2000
Suited For

• Automotive Refinishing
• Wood Processing
• Metal Processing
• Composites Processing
• Marine Industry
• Vehicles Manufacturing

Suitable Materials

• Non-ferrous metal
• Paint sanding
• Lacquers
• Plaster / Putty
• Body filler
• Primer

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