Bosch Hedge Cutter AHS 45-26

Bosch - Hedge Cutter AHS 45-26

Hedge Cutter AHS 45-26

Key product features

• Less weight and more power, ideal for medium sized hedges.

• Handy: New lightweight design makes the work less stressful and easier to manage.

• Easy handling: Ergonomic handles with soft grip and transparent hand guard provide safe and comfortable posture.

• Powerful performance 550-watt motor and newly designed blade with sawing function, as well as 26 mm blade spacing.

Technical data
Motor capacity 550 W
Blade length 450 mm
Blade spacing 26 mm
Slip clutch torque 50 Nm
No-load stroke rate 3,400 spm
Weight without cable 3.5 kg
Other product advantages

• Powerful 550-Watt “High-Power” motor for powerful cutting
• Slip clutch with very high torque (50 Nm) for impressive cutting performance
• Lightweight. About 10% lighter than the previous model for hedge cutting without fatigue of the arms
• Effortless work. Soft grip on the rear handle and improved front grip with optimal weight distribution
• Sawing function. Serrations on the front of the blade easily cut branches up to 32 mm diameter
• Laser-cut, diamond ground blades for clean and precise cuts
• Blade tip protector for cutting along walls and floor
• Optimum balance and ergonomics for convenient working in any position

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